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Beauty Have you ever thought of beauty being a curse? Or perhaps a blessing? Say if you want to find true love, but the man only wants you for your good looks. In this case you would say a curse. When being pretty, some people may judge you. Some people are that way. Some people think they are better than everyone else out there. That the whole world revolves around them. In mythology, some of the gods and goddess take their beauty for advantage and use others to get what they want. Some get jealous of the mortals because they think a mortal should never be as beautiful as a god. Then you have those other ones who don’t care about anyone else in the world but themselves. First I would like to tell you about jealousy and envy. There is no being jealousy of someone else’s beauty when you yourself are already a beautiful person, but this person wanted to be the only one with the most perfect beauty. So death of this mortal to her was the only solution. Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, had a son Eros, god of love, and she ordered her son, to go get rid of this mortal girl who is more beautiful than her. Her name was Psyche, and she was in deed a beautiful young lady. But that does not mean Aphrodite should get rid of her just because she’s jealous! So Eros ends of finding this girl and just as he’s about to get rid with her, he falls in love with her. So he goes and hides Psyche in her plasce. The only catch is she is never to look apon the face of him, but she gets tricked by her sisters and looks. Then Eros and furious and leaves her. Then Aphrodite finds out she’s not dead and then to find away to kill her, she tells pcshy that she can see him again if she accomplishes 3 tasks. They are supposed to be impossible so she would die in the process, but psyche accomplishes all of them and her and Eros end up getting married. Even though Aphrodite does not approve

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