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Safina S. Goden Freshman Composition Women and Beauty: What Defines It? Beauty can be defined as a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. The views of beauty have been set and changed drastically throughout history. What is true beauty? Is beauty Angeline Jolie, who’s slender body and stunning facial features make her stand out? Or is it beauty Beyonce Knowles the beautiful and talented black woman with curves in all the right places? Who or what decides what makes a person attractive? The media often dictates what our society considers attractive, and as a result create unrealistic standards of beauty. In reality, most could diet and exercise for months, and still never meet the expectations and standard of beauty seen in films and magazines. Throughout history there have always been new ways and forms of enhancing superficial beauty and less focus on natural beauty. Though most views of what true beauty is, as seen through the media is often unrealistic, most still fall victim to this status quo. Venus of Willendorf is a representation of ideal beauty around 15000 BC. In today’s society, this fertility goddess would be considered fat, but in her time, her large breasts and hips were considered very attractive. They represented success, since food was often scarce, physical strength, and health, which are crucial attributes needed to fulfill a motherly role. Thousands of years later, the image of beauty has changed. Women have become much thinner and have smaller waists than those of their prehistoric women. Another change from prehistoric times is that clothing became important, indicating social status and wealth. Clothing was not always seen as or used for style. Up to the mid-fourteenth century, both men's and women's clothing were intended to cover them up and keep them warm. In the

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