Beautiful Young People Are Accidents Of Nature, Beautiful Old People Are Works Of Art

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Beautiful Young People are Accidents of Nature. Beautiful Old People are Works of Art.” Nobody knows for certain the original author of the quote, “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, Beautiful old people are works of art,” but it is often accredited to Eleanor Roosevelt because she lived the quote so well. Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the most greatly loved and highly revered women of our great country, the United States of America. She was the wife of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was her fifth cousin, once removed. Franklin Roosevelt was our thirty-second President and he led us through World War Two. Another interesting fact about Eleanor was that she was the niece of our nation’s youngest President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. Eleanor was a part of many great causes, including the National League of Women Voters and the National Youth Administration. She pressed for fair wages and the abolition of child labor. She also wanted our country to get away from judging a person’s worth by their religion, race, or sex. Eleanor died of bone marrow cancer on November sixth, 1962. ( Another thing that Eleanor did was to show us that to be beautiful does not mean that you are without flaws, but that beauty comes from being loyal, trustworthy and doing your best to help others. She showed the world that beauty comes from the heart. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “I was a solemn child without beauty. I seemed a little old woman entirely lacking in the spontaneous joy and mirth of youth.” ( What does it mean to be beautiful? Does it mean that you have perfectly manicured nails? Hair the right style? Flawless skin? What about the “perfect” weight? This is the way that most of society and the media would define beauty. I asked a relative to describe Eleanor Roosevelt and she told me, “Eleanor

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