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Beautiful Mind The movie "A Beautiful Mind" is about the story of John Nash's battle with schizophrenia. Beginning from before he was even aware he had schizophrenia, the movie then takes you through the development of John Nash’s schizophrenia and its effects on the different aspects of his life. The movie presents very factual information and helps the viewers have a better understanding of the psychological condition of schizophrenia. Throughout the movie viewers can gain information on the symptoms and treatments of schizophrenia. Also in this movie we are able to see how the illness affects not only John, but also the family and other persons involved. Mental disorders and the people who live with them are often portrayed in the media very inaccurately. Most mentally ill characters are portrayed as dangerous and violent inviduals, when in reality this isn’t the truth. And unfortunately as a result society has formed these negative stereotypes of the mentally ill. Fortunately, “A Beautiful Mind” accurately portrays schizophrenia, and rather than portraying John Nash as a “monster”, the movie shows the viewers the very real and human side of John Nash. Viewers are able to see John for more than just his illness, but for the very intelligent man he his. It’s impossible for one movie to cover all elements of a particular illness but, “A Beautiful Mind” covered many important aspects of the illness and seemed to communicate the experience of being schizophrenic well. For example, in the movie John Nash experiences many of the common symptoms of schizophrenia: hallucinations, delusions, weird movement and facial expressions, muddled speech and bad social skills. A form of his hallucinations takes place in the form of what he thinks is his roommate, when in actuality he lives alone. An example of delusions portrayed in the movie is how John

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