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Beautiful is the perfect name for this film and you can see that throughout the good and bad turns that it takes. It is a story about a struggling father who tries to provide for his family; while having the gift of seeing those who have died. We travel through his journey as he battles with a disease that eventually takes his life. Uxbal was a father who had been kicked when he was already down but did not stop trying to stand up. He showed what true love was by completely discarded what he needed and helping the people around him, he was the definition of selflessness which is the definition of a parent and their love for their child. He was not only fanatically struggling but his wife was not well and could barley take care of herself never the less her kids because of her bad habits. He wanted to believe in the idea of a normal family and wanted his kids to be around their mother although she was not fit to be a roll model but he knew that they needed a mother, so he tried over and over again to work things out and every time he was left more hurt and disappointed then the time before. He put himself through all this pain just to see him kids smile because they were able to have dinner next to both of their parents. He was responsible for many families because of his line of work and although it was not legal he had to not only bring food to his table but to all the others family’s that counted on him. He could also see and communicate to the died and most thought that it was a gift but he did not embrace it as one, he did it because he would get extra money out of it at times and the other time was because he had no control over it. The only times that he seemed to enjoy his gift was when he was able to meet his father through his dead self, and this meant a lot to him due to the fact that his father had passed before he was even born. As If he didn’t have

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