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Beats by Dr. Dre (also Beats by Dre) is a business venture between Monster Cable, a company specialising in high definition media, Dr. Dre, a celebrity rapper, sound engineer, pop idol and “media gangster” and Jimmy Iovine of Interscope Records. There is a range of models of laptops and headphones in the Beats by Dre portfolio ranging from Ferrari, over Nike to All-Star Beats. Not to forget the personalised artists range which varies from JustBeats by Justin Bieber to PowerBeats by LeBron James. It is not usual to find advertising for headphones or audio equipment in general. This I s because companies operating in this sector have relied on retailer’s recommendation to their clients to make their sales. Over the past year, however, anyone exposed to rap or pop music and their attributes will have noticed Beats by Dre headphones by Monster Cable. This brand has managed to outgrow the existing and established manufacturers of these devices by systematically creating the need and desire within a person to acquire these. Beats by Dre headphones Having said that advertising is unusual in this sector, exposing the marketing techniques used in the sale of this product will show how society has been manipulated in multiple ways with their use. Firstly, the scene must be set. We live in a globalised environment in a consumerist society. Consumer society is the systematic creation of need and desire to consume and acquire more and more. It is backed-up by the theory that the increasing consumption of goods by everyone is economically beneficial. To create a society that can consume ever more, brands and companies use marketing tools to assist them. This particular brand however, takes it to a new level: The understanding of the consumer is complete and precise with a product developed in the interest of this consumer. The “iPod generation” is listening to music that

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