Beatles Unit 4 Section 1

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Beatles Unit 3 1980 Section 1 * John writes a 4 page letter to his cousin saying “I’m 40 next, I hope life begins. I’d like a little less trouble” * George starts a magazine with his Monty Python friends called Vole * Jan 2nd- Wings rehearses for their upcoming Japan Tour in England * Jan 12th- Paul, Linda, and family leave the UK for Japan, and stay across from the Dakota (where John and Yoko lived) * Jan 14th- Paul calls John in attempt to visit and share “some dynamite weed” but Yoko takes call and won’t let them converse; she is also unhappy that Paul and Linda are traveling to Japan and staying in one of her and John’s favorite hotels * George’s Handmade Films production of Monty Python’s Life of Brian is released for UK audiences * Some religious leaders…show more content…
* John and Yoko will buy 71 more prized cows * Yoko will sell and trade prize cows in a very profitable fashion; and buy her apartment with the money made from it * While at a Bermuda botanical garden, John spots a freesia called a Double Fantasy * Yoko visits John in Bermuda, but leaves after 2 days because of the heat * Wing’s live version of Coming Up reaches #1 in the US while the group starts two weeks of rehearsal * July 1st- Unable to contact Yoko by phone, from Bermuda, John writes “I’m Losing You” out of disappointment * July 4th- Fred Seaman, a Lennon confident and con man, starts a rumor that Yoko is planning to divorce John * George’s autobiography I, Me mine, is published in a limited hardback edition * Named after a Beatle’s song * John is angry when he reads it and sees little mention of his influence on George and his career 1980 Part Two * July 11-21st- Ringo starts recording his next album, “Stop and Smell the Roses”, in a French recording studio * Originally title “Can’t Fight Lightning” * Paul, Linda, and Lawrence Juber are there as well, and they record an unreleased Linda

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