Bears Need Cold Play Analysis

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Bears need tough Lovie is a column written by Mike Mulligan on September 22, 2008. Mike Mulligan is a Columnist that writes sports for the Chicago Sun Times. He also was written for the Wall Street Journal and has a Radio Morning Show. Many people respond to his columns and blogs, therefore I find him to be a creditable source. My main claim is that Elements of fear is the best way to prevent inexcusable fouls. The type of claim is Cause/Effect. What prevents bad plays and penalties from happening would be the fear of reprimand from officials, who are judging the game, fear of letting down teammates who have just as much to lose in the game when a player is penalized for a violating of the rules, and most importantly the consequences that…show more content…
In today’s NFL I think that all the coaches know football. They are smart, and they work hard. Some are likable guys, but maybe too nice. Lovie Smith falls right in that category of one of the nicest coaches in today’s NFL. In the NFL, your players had better respect you or fear you. I grew up watching Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick and their teams consistently make the playoffs and win super bowls. Mostly, I believe, it is the fear they engender. Being a student of the game that I am, I know that Parcells and Belichick are cut from the same mole of other great coaches such as Vince Lombardi and Don Shula. It is the same quality that made Vince Lombardi and, in his heyday, Don Shula successful. They not only demanded excellence, they provided the blueprint and the proper coaching. They had their pulse on the entire team, not just one phase. They rooted out selfishness. Perhaps most important, they demanded accountability. They didn't just talk about responsibility they refused to accept anything less. Lovie Smith comes from under the Tony Dungy tree of coaching. Tony Dungy gave Lovie Smith his first opportunity in the NFL with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. How ironic is that, being that the Bears just lost to the Bucs. When Tony Dungy was player he was coached by Dick Vermeil, one of the

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