Bearing Up Essay

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1. In my opinion, the main conflict in "Bearing Up" was internal. The protagonist, Mike, was involved in a man vs. self conflict, as the force of his dreams and nightmares were always subconsciously in his mind. Another minor conflict in the short story was when his father had been lost at sea during his rescue mission. This was not as major as Mike's dream conflict, but he had been even more troubled after finding out about his father's absesnce. 2. In the beginning of the story, the main character, Mike, has a dream about being chased by a bear. He had been very paranoid and scared, and even had counselling from Mrs.Skinner at school. Later on, Mike found out that his father had been lost at sea during a mission to rescue a nearby skiff. Mike was terribly worried, so he decided to take a deep breather outside until he met his greatest fear. A bear had been at his footsteps and he was petrified. However, after easing his stability, all Mike could sense was the reality of the bear. He learned to be brave and courageous and did not run away from the bear. The writer shows us that whenever we are in trouble, such as facing a bear one-on-one, we must be very brave and stand up to our fears. 3. In my opinion, I find the title "Bearing Up" a very clever pun that suits this story very well. In this context, the term "bear" could refer to being brave and tall like a real bear. This title is very clever as the protagonist Mike learns to be courageous and confident later on in the story, just like a real bear. If I had to think of another title for this story, it would be "Can't Bear the Bear." The word bear can also mean to "endure", and this title would fit as Mike learns to tolerate the experiences and night-mares of the
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