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The character of Bear is one of the most important characters in the book “Crispin: The Cross of Lead” Written by Avi. He starts off as cruel to Crispin, but then begins to become kinder, until he ultimately become a surrogate father to him. At the beginning of the book, Bear was scary and would go into a rage often. Crispin was giving his opinion on something, and Bear’s face “clouded with anger.”(p.76) so he yells at Crispin. Bear and Crispin are talking about how the Kingdom is ruled, and Crispin comments that Bear’s view on the topic is considered treason, which infuriates Bear. During the middle of the book, Bear begins to warm up to Crispin: “Then it is done, you are henceforth my true apprentice” (p.157) After deciding that he like Crispin too much to keep him as a slave, Bear attempts to make the change in their relationship from master and slave to teacher and apprentice. Nearing the end of the book, Bear becomes Crispin’s father figure. Crispin finds out that Bear “thought of you of his son.” (p.248) John Aycliffe’s guards have kidnapped Bear and trying to comfort him, The Widow Daventry explains to Crispin that Bear considers him his “son.” Bear may at first seem really mean, but there is always another side to him, whether a kind and loving man, and musician, or a rebel. Bear has changed, and becomes the thing Crispin needs the most, a Father. This makes Bear an important not only to Crispin, but the entire

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