Beans of Egypt Maine Essay

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Beans of Egypt Maine This was a very interesting writing overall. The writer in my opinion found a way to tell the story of the “other side” of people in most communities in Maine in a way that has made so many people stand up and pay attention. This is a skill of its own right. There are many places in this writing when it is easy to let your own life experiences relate to those being written about in the book. I have learned how we can find a way to relate to his writings in the way the writer’ thoughts become our own reality by placing part of our own personal experiences into the writing itself. The biggest area this writing impacted me personally, was in the way it help me recognize the foolish ideas many people outside of Maine view us as “Mainers.” Every Mainer knows how wrong the misconceptions are after all. Being from Maine almost enables you to not even care how these outsiders come up with these foolish notions about how Maine people “are.” This writing has shown me how others get to where they are in their own minds and begin to think stupidly when it comes to people they really don’t understand, or have the time to actually figure them out. Missing from the Books—My Maine I found this article a little hard to swallow. It really seemed to me that this was a written by someone from away, trying to act as if they were actually from Maine all along. The way this writer defines Maine in some places makes me question whether he has ever been to Maine, or just read a lot of articles in National Geographic’s. He claimed that “painters had fostered an image of Maine that doesn’t really exist” but I think to myself,” isn’t that what artist and painters do?” Is he actually writing an article of a Maine that doesn’t actually exist? I never really figured out the writers angle on this article, truthfully. I am lead to the conclusion that this man had a bad

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