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bean trees essay

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  • on March 7, 2009
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Growing Up
This story had many difficult challenges towards each character. Taylor was faced with many challenges. Lou Ann was also faced with some difficult challenges herself. Esperanza had to deal with some problems, also. In the novel The Bean Trees, by Barbara Kingsolver, the characters of Taylor, Lou Ann, and Esperanza were faced with difficult problems and were able to get passed those problems.
Taylor encountered a few difficult problems throughout the novel. Taylor finished school doing very well, but didn’t want to stay in Tucson. Everyone in Tucson would always get pregnant and she didn’t want to get pregnant. So, she decided to leave Tucson and drive until her car runs out of gas and that’s where she would start her new life. She stops at a anr to get a cup of coffee. Someone follows her back to her car and puts a baby in the passenger seat, while telling her to take it. Later on, “Turtle shook her head. ‘Bean Trees,’ she said, as plainly as if she had been thinking about it all day. We looked where she was pointing some of the wisteria flowers had gone to seed, and all these wonderful long green pods hung down from the branches. They looked as much like beans as anything you’d ever care to eat. ‘Will you look at that,’ I said. It was another miracle. The flower trees were turning into been trees.” When Taylor first got Turtle she was an unwanted burden, but gradually becoming more important to Taylor. Throughout the story Taylor learns how important Turtle meant to her. When she was about to loose Turtle she felt very upset. At the end of the novel, she finally ended up realizing it was time for her to go back to Tucson.

Lou Ann was another character facing a few problems. In the beginning of the novel, Lou Ann had a lack of self- confidence. “Have you weighed yourself lately? No, I don’t want...

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