Bean Trees Essay

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Relationship Personal Diary Entry Dear Diary, Putting Turtle to sleep night after night gives me a warm satisfying feeling. Through all the road trips and emotionally hard times it’s gratifying to know she’s mine for the rest of time. I know back in Oklahoma it was wrong to have Estevan and Esperanza lie to the state about being Turtles biological parents but I knew I could care for Turtle. // Having turtle in my life for these months she’s grown on me. From the time she said her first words, to her calling me “Ma”. I’ve realized that through the tough times in life, relationships with the people you meet matter more than anything. // When I realized driving to the Broken Arrow that Turtle was going to be with me for a while and she was the only person that I had at that time. I never recognized that a child could offer so much for me. Driving alone compared to with Turtle was a great difference. Without her I had no one with me and no one to entertain my thoughts. With Turtle I had someone I could talk to and had companionship and entertainment. It astonished me when I could tell her what was on my mind and feel satisfied. // Since she had been in my life, caring for turtle had been my intention. When it felt like less of a job to take care of Turtle and more of a pleasure to care for her I realized I wanted her to be my child. // Driving home from becoming Turtles legal guardian, I felt alone but excited at the same time //, alone because I had just seen Estevan for the last time. Estevan had been the only man I’d ever loved and it was tough letting something like that go so easily. Since I did have feelings for him I wanted to help him out anyway I could and a reason that I felt better about going to find Turtles biological parents is because I had his company. // Im excited now because I have my whole life in front of me and every part has come

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