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relative mass using beans September 18, 2012 Variables The independent variable for this experiment was beans. The dependent variable, that depends on the independent to change, was the mass per bean. The control does not change and this experiment it was the amount of beans (60). Purpose The purpose of this lab experiment was to lean about the average mass and the relative mass using different types of beans for representations. The safety precautions for this lab was to wear goggles while in the laboratory and to wash hands after the lab. Materials safety goggles laboratory apron graduated cylinder 100-mL 4 beakers, 150-mL wax marking pencil funnel navy beans kidney beans pinto bean lima beans 4 paper cups laboratory balance Procedure 1. Put on your goggles Take a marking pencil label each beaker one type of bean: navy, kidney, pinto, lima obtain a sample of each type of bean and take back to station Using a graduated cylinder pour 17-20-mL of navy beans pour 55-60-mL of kidney beans into the cylinder then into proper beaker Pour 35-40-mL of pinto beans into the cylinder, then into proper beaker Pour 110-115-mL of lima beans into the cylinder, then into proper beaker Label each of the four paper cups with the name of one bean Measure the mass of each cup and record the value in the Data Table count 60 beans of each variety and place them in the proper cups Measure the mass of the cup with the beans and record the values in the Data Table Return each type of bean back into its original container Clean work area and wash hands 14. start calculations to find the mass of the beans(g), the average mass per bean(g), and relative mass of the beans(g) Data Bean Variety kidney pinto navy lima Mass of cup 1.57 g 1.53 g 1.49 g 1.43 g Mass of cup and beans 34.05 g 22.08 g

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