Bead Bar Systems Development Project Essay

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IT 205 Week 9’s Final Project Bead Bar Systems Development Project Axia College of Phoenix University [pic] When Bead Bar first started back in 1998, it was a paper-based system. Bead Bar is a growing company where customers sit at a bar in a studio setting to create jewelry using materials provided such as beads, wire, and string. Today, Bead Bar has three major divisions, which are studios franchises and Bead Bar on Board which designs for cruise ships. There are six major studios two studios in New York City, one on Long Island, one in Washington, D.C., and one in Boston. The franchise division sells a complete beading supply package to businesses that want to open their own bead studio. The division is responsible for fulfilling franchisees’ supply requirements. There are currently five franchises Kansas City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Miami. (Malaga, 2005). Bead Bar has struggled with their company due to lack of updated technology, and they are seeking change to improve their business. Meredith the founder of Bead Bar sought out the advice of a technology consultant she contact Stan of BRJ Consulting and his newly junior consultant. Where over the course of few weeks they have sorted out details on what is best for Bead Bar and Bead Bar on Board. This paper will outline those detail the steps to provide the help Bead Bar to improve a better future not only for the company, but for all its employees as well. The systems development life cycle knows as the waterfall method has 7 steps that will ensure everything runs smoothly and on time. The first phase is planning which includes establishing a high-level strategy of the intended project and determining what the project goals are. The second phase is system analysis, which involves analyzing the company’s requirement tuning project goals into functions and operations

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