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Introduction This paper will concentrate on the network topology as well as the network architecture that is recommended for the Bead Bar. Also, this paper will pinpoint the drawbacks and advantages that the recommended network would provide to the Bead Bar. The Bead Bar is a business that allows it customers the opportunity to uniquely design their own jewelry using beads, wire, and string. The leaders of Bead Bar has laid out what needs are needed in each department. As the Bead Bar is a constantly growing organization, they will require a sturdy and reliable network that is capable of handling all functions of their business as a whole. The Bead Bar was founded in 1998 as a studio in New Canaan, Connecticut. Today, the company has three divisions that consist of studios, franchises, and Bead Bar on board. The role of the Bead Bar studio is to oversee the six Bead Bar studios located in New York City, Long Island, Boston, Washington D.C., and Connecticut.…show more content…
Annual revenue for the company has averaged 1.5 million dollars in the past three years. The Bead Bar paper system currently has proven to be unreliable and not of productivity to the company overall as it produces numerous human error. The usage of this system has caused problems including lost orders, incorrect invoicing, and delays of delivery to customers. The system that is currently in place has a zero communication level between Bead Bar locations around the U.S. The usage of new technology will reduce unneeded data transfers, as well as order errors. A new network system will protect communication on the inside at each location for outside contact with store and area locations. Upon the implementation of a new network for the Bead Bar, it will give their business a new way of storing data, communication, order requesting and more significant, a more accurate and effective business operation as a

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