Beacon Detection System‏ Essay

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Table of Contents Abstract4 Introduction5 External Sources5 Technical basics6 Body of the report7 Overall setup7 Yagi Antennas7 Circuitry & Wiring8 Receiver Housing8 Transmitter Housing12 Problems & Solutions14 Discussion & Conclusion14 Future Works15 Abstract After several weeks of brainstorming we decided to work on this project. The plan was to get all the material ready before we start building it. The main reason for this project was not to create something that can be used in our daily lives but to make something that will involve a lot of learning, and at the same time be applied in several areas of telecommunications in a different manner. We named our project ‘Bacon Frequency Detection System’ since the main function of our project is to detect the strongest beacon frequency. The two main portions of this project are receiver and transmitter. The function of this system is to get the receiver to scan and set a position where it gets the strongest signal from the transmitter. This project was a great learning experience in terms of team management and planning. In terms of technicality it helped us gain some valuable knowledge about several aspects of electronics and communications that we have learned at Humber College. Introduction The reason we chose this project is because it involves several aspects of telecommunications that we have learned about during the past three years of this program at Humber College. The amount of physical work involved in this project made it seem more attractive and gave us a hope of providing ourselves a great learning platform. It involved several weeks of research and planning before getting started. During our research we found a similar project done by Electronic Engineering students from Arizona State University. They

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