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People are always looking forward to their vacations no doubt. There are so many options available it's sometimes difficult to choose. I think that the two most common options people choose for taking a vacation are the beach and camping somewhere not too far from their homes. . Both places offer a variety of activities. The beach offers activities that camping cannot offer and vice versa. Camping and the beach are totally different. The purpose of this essay is to contrast the climate, types of activities and locations of beaches and places to camp. I’m going to discuss camping first. The three aspects I’m going to discuss are climate, types of activities and location. Climate is always important in order to enjoy vacations. If a person dislikes cold weather, he or she might have a hard time camping at higher altitudes or certain times of the year. I believe being opened minded is the first barrier to enjoying it]. As stated before, many people don’t enjoy cold temperatures. The climate and the temperature of these zones are what determine the types of activities they offer. Snow boarding, mountain climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and skiing are some of the activities people can enjoy when going camping. There are many campsites where people can go and have a great vacation.I believe Oregon is a great place to camp due to the different weather conditions and the beautiful wilderness we have to offer. I’m going to discuss the beach second. The three aspects I’m going to discuss are climate, types of activities and location. Warm climate is one of the most important features that the beach has. Sun and fun are two words that describe the beach. The temperature in those places is always hot. The sea and the warm climate determine the activities that are available at the beach. People can swim, play volleyball, play soccer, and ride waterbikes. In most of the

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