Major Forces In The Task Environment Of A Retail Clothing Store Case Study

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Questions: 1. Analyze the major forces in the task environment of a retail clothing store. First the task environment is the set of forces and conditions that originate with suppliers, distributors, customers, and competitors and affect |an organization's ability to obtain inputs and dispose of its outputs, because they influence managers on a daily basis. I think the retail clothing store is a representation of old or new fashion customer needs. The old fashion customer needs are represented by those customers who do not care about the latest fashions and purchase the same styles they always have. The new fashion customer needs are those who love to keep up with the latest fashions that they see on TV, in magazines, or on their friends. Both can be profitable markets for any company,…show more content…
Bean or Lands End. These could be used as training tools for employees and managers to see what the competition is offering. Another approach can be to use more often the technological force to distribute their goods. The company could appoint a group of employees and managers from various departments within the store to keep track of trends and to compare notes. This group also could devise customer surveys, read trade journals, and observe the fashions of those working and those attending school customers. The company also can provide feedback from customers concerning for the products, surveys, or onsite questionnaires. I also think any managers can create a program in which employees can monitor customer needs and help managers to create a effective and efficient customer environment. On the other hand, the employees can be more closer to the customers when they thank them for their purchases at the store and invite them to cam back for a new one. The customers need to feel they are welcome in any time in the store and find everything they want or need in friendly

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