Be the Change You Want to See in the World Essay

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Be The Change That You Want To See In Others M.K. GANDHI A Lady to Gandhiji: My child used to eat too much jaggery. Please scold him not to eat too much jaggery. Gandhiji to lady: Bring your child after a week. A week later, When the lady went to Gandhiji with her child, Gandhiji made her child to sat near to him and asked not to eat too much jaggery. It is injurious to your health. Then, Gandhiji asked her to took him back and assured her he would not take too much jaggery in the future. Lady to Gandhiji: you could say this thing one week back also, then why now? Gandhiji to lady: One week ago, I also used to took too much jaggery. This small story of Gandhiji’s life is a significant demonstration of the Gandhi’s advocacy for “Be the change that you want to see in others”. Is this preaching of Gandhiji relevant in today’s atmosphere? There are many areas where we advocate this preaching in paper but not in practice. 1.Corruption: There are many laws which deal with corruption, still corruption spread into the political and economic fabric of society. We, everyday ,campaign against corruption, demand strict punishment for a corrupt leader. Still, we used to pay big bribe to get a job, admission in a good school or college, to pass a exam etc. JBT teachers Ghotala in Haryana , VVIP chopper deal scam, CWG scam Coal Scam etc are show that how badly we failed to practice this principle. Note that bribe giver is major offender than bribe taker. 2.Science and Technology: Today USA, along with other world leaders forcing Iran to stop its Nuclear weapon programme. Even USA, himself not only first made Weapons of Mass Destruction but also used them in WWII. At present he is the major holder of this Weapon. Not only this, Isreal and USA threatened Syria to wage a war against her if she would not destroy her chemical stockpile. A tug of war like

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