Be Nice to Her

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Be nice to her In a short story like “be nice to her”, we read it with our emotions. We are all aware of the disease diabetes, but it is far from everybody who has it, and knows what an everyday with a disease like that is like. By reading the story we get a view of what it’s like through the little girl Celia, and because she seems so vulnerable, we feel with her through the entire story. Celia is a girl in third grade, who is the victim of being bullied by the other kids at school. She is described so it is clearly that she is being the victim and why. The description of her appearance is long and we get a full image of her in our mind. By reading the first four lines, Celia is a little girl on the heavy side with glasses so thick nothing could break them. Even her name is so funny that the kids are laughing at her because of it. Moreover is she not only unpopular at school, she is also a diabetic child. “And we laughed at her because she was a chubby, diabetic child …” 1.4. Celia is now introduced as the exposed girl, and we are now guessing that the headline is referred to her. Even though she is being laughed at, she wants to be a part of them so desperately, that she follows them every day till and from school, but she is being ignored. We are introduced to just a few people in the text, other than Celia. One of them is our main character Elizabeth. She is a part of the group who is teasing and laughing at Celia in school. There’s a long and detailed description of her to, and to begin with the two girls seem very much alike. Their looks are being compared in the text, and we get the impression that she is just as ugly as Celia. Just like Celia she is wearing glasses and is a little chunky too. Elizabeth is bullying Celia just as much as the other kids, but in some way she appreciates her to. She knows that wasn’t it because of Celia, she would be the
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