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Let’s Be Lefty’s For a Day Dawn Senseney DeVry University SOC-350N March 6, 2014 Diversity in the work place is not anything new. It can be beneficial, as each person brings their own input, knowledge, culture and background to the table, but it can also cause problems for the same reason. Diversity is especially apparent when there is resentment, jealousy, unwillingness to be a part of a team, etc. As stated by Harvey and Allard: Attempts to incorporate differences in age, gender, race, culture, sexual preference, and styles of being in their organizations to capitalize on the incredible potential diversity offers are occurring. Managing differences requires energy, commitment, tolerance, and finally, appreciation among all parties…show more content…
Whether it is adapting to changes within a work environment or dealing with unusual circumstances, such as using your non-dominate hand, how we handle them builds character. There is a saying that “what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger”. I am primarily right handed, but I am also somewhat ambidextrous. Using my left hand wasn’t as difficult as I thought that it would be, but using only it was definitely not easy! Being at a disadvantage, even in the workplace can be difficult. For example: traveling nurses who come to work under contract, but do not speak English as their native language. A nurse came to work in the OR as a traveler. Her English was very hard to understand, her primary language was Mandarin. She was at a disadvantage and so was everyone else, including the patients. But, she was a very good nurse and hard worker. Although, it was hard at first, she was diligent on learning the language and did not let her disadvantage stop her. Her and her husband both came to work for the hospital permanently. It was amazing to see her transformation. After about a year she was almost fluent in English and was teaching us all words in

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