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Be happy, be healthy. Happiness is necessary for all of us. It’s like a spoon and a fork as it is the basic needs for not only human but also animals. It gives flavor to our lives. Our life would not ever be completed without happiness. Everyone wants to be happy, thus willing to give whatever it takes to be happy. But nowadays, many of us do not know how to be happy, and even we know, but there are no steps and actions taken to be happy. One will feel happy if one has no problems. But it is impossible to not have a single problem at all. The thing is how we handle our problems is what matter’s most. In order to be happy, we must have a stable and balance spiritual and physical health. People often think, if we have a lot of money and property, we will be happy as we can…show more content…
Working out keeps we fit and healthy. It helps to strengthen our joints, increase our bone density, and makes us feel good about ourselves as we got into good figure. Many people give typical excuse for not exercising which is lack of time. We do not have to workout everyday for an hour. Find yourself a time for at least three times a week for about 20- 30 minutes per session. It is more than enough rather than nothing at all. Moreover, we should do medical check-ups regularly. It is essential for us to know our recent health status as we can take proper action at the right time to overcome our illness. Not only that, another secret for a happy life is we are able to control our stress. Stress might happen to anyone, even high school student might suffer from stress as we don’t realise we had a stress. It is important for us to know how to handle stress wisely because stress is dangerous as it is a silence killer. Whenever we feel stress, try to take an alternative or a way out from it. Do something that might cheer up us such as shopping, go for a holiday or simply go for a walk at a park. These activities might help to reduce our

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