Be Good; Someone Is Watching Essay

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Terrance Clark Professor Michael Cissell English 102 May 2014 Be Good; Someone is Watching If you do not know what is right, how will you steer from the villainous? Yet, many believe that this is an impossible feat without the institution of religion. Another common dogma is that science spells doom for any such effort. However both of these assertions are simply untrue. The of moral theory Ideal Observer Theory has phenomenal strength compared to other moral theories, and answers several basic moral questions. Part I: An Ethical Death “A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world,” according to 20th century French philosopher Albert Camus. Morality and ethics, regardless of religious affiliation, are indubitably necessary to the lives of modern human societies. Yet, with the increasing secularization of Western culture, it would seem ethics, as a justifiable way to live one’s life has grown vacuous. The ways in which ethics affects our society are innumerable. Both Civil and Common law codes derive, at least in part, from some form of ethics. The United States, though it may not have been founded to be a Christian nation, was at least most likely, founded to be an ethical one. Then there is the question in the United Nations of human rights. Secular charities, as well, have trouble with justifying human morality. All of these institutions are under threat. Of course, secular morality should not necessarily be dismissed. But the difficulties should be acknowledged and not ignored. As a modern example, Capitalism seems to operate partly to improve genuine human well-being. This is not exclusively the case. It seems equally well able to provide hedonistic non-necessities. But, capitalism also relies on a lack of fraud. Why shouldn’t I be robbed? Why not enslaved? Why should I not do the same to others? I will attempt to prove that these

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