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Be Delicious Essay

  • Submitted by: esaapbrooow
  • on November 29, 2009
  • Category: Arts and Music
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November 2, 2009
Louis Agregan
English M01A

“Be Delicious”

The most effective way to sell a product is with a great advertisement. There are many different kinds of advertisements such as humorous, dramatic, and the most widely used, sexual. Sexual advertisements seem to be the most widely used because they are the easiest to create and because they attract all types of people. This advertisement for DKNY’s “Be Delicious” is an example of, not only an out-right sexual ad, but also of one with hidden ideas and innuendoes.
The first idea clearly present in this ad is the idea of youth and beauty. The woman that takes up nearly all of the space in the image is young and extremely beautiful. Every feature she possesses is perfect. She has perfect skin, eyes, hair, and bone structure. She has all the features that every woman wishes she, herself, possessed and that every woman strives to attain. Every single thing the woman is doing is to seduce the viewers. One can not help but stare into her piercing green eyes. With just her eyes, she is seducing every man to believe that she is the woman he longs for and every woman to believe she is the woman they desire to be. Another seductive movement she is making is that her mouth is slightly open with her finger softly touching her lower lip, drawing more attention to it. Also, her hair is flowing and slightly messy which adds a sort of romance to the picture. Additionally, her sweater is falling off of her shoulders showing more of her perfect, glowing skin. Not only is it showing off her skin, but her sweater sliding off is subconsciously giving the viewer the idea that it could completely slide off, along with all of her other clothing. The woman in this ad looks very alive and healthy. She is the idea of youth with which our society has become so obsessed. She is glowing and fresh. Her skin has a warmth and glow to it that every beauty supplier in the world has...

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