Be Cool to the Pizza Dude

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Be Cool to the Pizza Dude “Be Cool to the Pizza Dude” by Sarah Adams, is about how everyone should be nice to the pizza delivery guy because then you will have good luck. She discusses several things in her short story, including staying calm while driving, the need to take any job just for the money, doing honest work, and practice equality as a pizza delivery guy. The first topic Sarah Adams discusses is how to remain calm when the pizza delivery guy is driving. She says delivery people will frequently cut her off, neglect to use blinkers when changing lanes. However, Adams remarks that he (the pizza dude) is on a journey and everyone should let him pass safely to deliver his pizzas to the many that have ordered. The second topic Sarah Adams gave is empathy, Sarah states that everyone has taken a job that they are not fond of or were respected at because they need money. This is a very good point; many young people work at gas stations and earn very little money and work hard. Sarah says that since the pizza dude has a bad job, he shouldn’t be blamed for it rather looked at with empathy. The third topic goes into honor, she remarks about how some big important businessmen are corrupt. Adams discusses how the businessmen ruin their companies, take away jobs and profit from these tragedies. The pizza delivery guy may not me be the greatest job in the world, but he is doing something honest. The final principle Adams touches on equality. She says that she feels pride in performing her job and respecting others. Adams remarks “I am equal to all I meet because of the kindness in my heart” this is an honorable notation. As I read the Essay Be Cool to the Pizza Delivery Dude I was amazed at what I can learn from the small experiences in life. I believe that practicing humility and forgiveness is difficult for people, since they get too hung up

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