Be Careful What You Wish for Essay

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BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR I lie in bed, this rainy and cold night.There is something that has been bothering me for a while now .I deprecate it. I absolutely loathe this stirring and intense feeling that consumes the pits of my stomach every time I think about that extraordinary book I read..Even months after reading it, the mystery of why I am so captivated by it remains a perplexity. Indeed, I can’t wrap my head around this inscrutable feeling I have swimming around inside. This book, it was full of blood splatter and sadness, yet there is this unforeseen desire that I have to be in the world portrayed by this book. Doubtlessly, on earth, so many suffer day to day. I feel as if my life was planned so precisely to be this effortless. Thus, I feel like a puppet, threaded to strings, following such a movement my master makes me to. I wanted a change from this too good to be true reality of mine I didn’t want to be a part of a perfect world. Quite the contrary, I wanted to live a hard life that I would have struggle through and be crowned a victor. I wanted a change from this too good to be true reality of mine. Most of all, I needed to prove my independence.Was it possible for a real life person to ever be of such a horrible world as that? Was it even humane For me to long for this? Was I on the brink of loosing my sanity? I was prepared to leave my old self behind. Creator of this universe or any mystical creature out there ,listen to what I have to wish for. I wish to be a character in the hunger stricken, unfair country of Panem, as told by Suzanna Collins. I shut my eyes as tiredness engulfs me. All this thinking had sucked out all the energy out of me. I began to fall into a deep sleep. The darkness began to trap me in some sort of nightmare. At least I thought it to be. A nightmare that would be over before I knew it. But as much I tried to

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