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Be an attractive person These days people only care if you are an attractive person or not. Everybody judging you by your outside looking and because of that people can like you or even, get in love with you. All because of your physique. Looking good is vital for all your relationships. Things like improve your internal looking, Healthy life and the way you dress make the difference. Your outer appearance is the reflection of your interior. The way you feel, the way you look. For example, if you are depressed will make you start to eat too much and make you totally forget about your appearance. So, in order to have a good body, you should improve your inner side. Something like taking vacations or having free time with yourself will help you get out all your stress. You should try to change frequently your daily routine to feel more relax and comfortable, this helps you visualize more solutions for your personal problems that are an obstacle to focus in your appearance. Also, self-confidence is really important, because you won’t care about others negative opinion about you and feel good with your body. A healthy life is essential to develop your physique. Size really matters. It is important to have discipline doing exercise, like going to the gym or doing sports. All things that involve exercise will help you to have a better condition. Other thing that affects your shape is your nutrition. A healthy nutrition needs you find a balance between calories, carbohydrates, proteins and sugars, so your organism be in good health. Making smart choices from the food pyramid, by getting advices from experts. Trying not having addictions will keep your body healthier, too. The way you dress tells a lot of your personal appearance. For example, there are clothes that make you see fat and others that make you see thin. You have to choose clothes that make you look

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