Be All You Should Be, Set the World Ablaze Essay

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Being all you should be is to believe in something that you feel strongly about, then setting out into the world to make a difference. There have been many people in Australian history who have felt the need to express their vision on creating equality amongst aboriginal Australians. They continued this process until 1967 their executive was to visit Parliament house to meet Prime Minister Menzies which was when they convinced the prime minister that a referendum should be held and it was. In 1962 aboriginal people were given the vote which was a huge leap considering five years prior to this there was atomic nuclear testing in South Australia with the presence of Aboriginal people on the site. In 1982, Eddie Mabo presented the High Court of Australia with a declaration of his region’s land rights. After a long court battle for recognition, the Mabo case was handed down in 1992. In 1965 Charles Perkins, one of two Aboriginal students at the University of Sydney were keen to find a way to expose living conditions and discrimination against Aboriginal people. The High Court determined that Indigenous peoples should be treated equally before the law with regard to their rights over land. This led to the formation of Student Action for Aborigines and the decision to organise a bus tour of western New South Wales towns. About 30 students, led by Perkins, travelled to Walgett, Moree, Kempsey and other towns exposing discrimination in the use of halls, swimming pools, picture theatres and hotels. The term 'native title' was used in the Mabo judgements to describe the interests and rights of Indigenous inhabitants in law, whether communal, group or individual, possessed under the traditional laws acknowledged, and the traditional customs observed, by the Indigenous inhabitants. In a number of towns where Aboriginal

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