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BCS vs. Playoff: Eternally Unknown Battle As a country full of avid college football fans, the idea of a playoff allows for people of the U.S. to buzz for even more excitement than usual. Even though the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) is a traditional and reasonable system, a playoff is needed to have a successful postseason. Overall, 88% of Americans would like to see a change to a 4-16 team playoff because of the fact that there could easily be 5-10 that could contend for the National Championship. (ESPN.com/sportsnation) Ultimately, in the world of college football, a ‘playoff’ should be implemented. College football has been one of the most enjoyable sporting events for many American football fans, but there has always been one…show more content…
Gone are the ridiculous polls, the computer standings and the automatic qualifier status extended to favored conferences. The beauty of the new agreement is that it utilizes the best part of the BCS, the underlying tradition of the bowl games. According to 78% of Americans, they feel more excited for this postseason than any other year prior. This is occurring because of the fact that a ‘Final Four’ of football is better than a ‘Final Two’, especially when the ‘Final Two’ was only determined by a model of flawed polls and computer standings that required interpreters to understand. This new system is the best way to get rid of painful examples of BCS flaws. For example in 2002, the top ranked team, Nebraska lost its final regular season game by the score of 62-36 to the #11 team in the nation. However, they ended up still playing in that year’s National Championship game and was defeated by the #2 rated team Miami. Another agonizing example was in 2005, the undefeated Auburn Tigers of Alabama was squeezed out of the National Championship Game due to the computer not putting into consideration that they were a part of the southeastern conference, this shows that it was purely a flawed system. (Wojciechowski, “Presidents get playoff plan

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