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McKay Skeen English 150 October 1, 2008 DOES THE BCS REALLY GIVE YOU THE BEST TEAM? There aren’t many perfect things in this world, if there are any at all. But one of the major imperfect things for males around the country is the all powerful BCS (Bowl Championship Series.) I have been watching college football since I can remember the color TV being around, and I have always seen the promising BCS busters come and go because they can’t hang with the so called “BIG BOYS”. Year after year the ESPN blogs are full of the BCS haters, but the problem is that very few fans really know how the BCS works. And some that do wish they didn’t. The BCS was first force fed to America in the 1998 football season. The purpose of it was to pair…show more content…
And not only does it pair the top teams together in a few hours of pure American bliss, but it also matches all the other powerhouses in the polls into the rest of the BCS bowls; The Bowl games are the Sugar Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl, the Orange Bowl, and the Rose bowl. So far the BCS has been around for ten years, but for the first eight of them the National Championship was alternated throughout the four games. But the only way to get into one of these bank stealing bowl games is to be in one of the BCS conferences or the major conferences ; the Pac-10, SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, ACC and the Big East. The Champions of each of these conferences are automatically guaranteed to play in one of the BCS Bowl games. The top two teams however, are automatically guaranteed to play in the National Championship game. What is different about the BCS is that it has its own poll which ranks the teams, so in other words the top teams according to the BCS poll are the teams that get to play in the National Championship game. The two other polls, the AP and Coach’s polls still exist and influence the BCS poll, but the BCS poll is what the BCS system goes by. This flawless system has been anything but flawless to say the

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