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McKay Skeen English 150 October 1, 2008 DOES THE BCS REALLY GIVE YOU THE BEST TEAM? There aren’t many perfect things in this world, if there are any at all. But one of the major imperfect things for males around the country is the all powerful BCS (Bowl Championship Series.) I have been watching college football since I can remember the color TV being around, and I have always seen the promising BCS busters come and go because they can’t hang with the so called “BIG BOYS”. Year after year the ESPN blogs are full of the BCS haters, but the problem is that very few fans really know how the BCS works. And some that do wish they didn’t. The BCS was first force fed to America in the 1998 football season. The purpose of it was to pair the two top teams in the former division 1A in the Money top heavy championship game. Sounds like something on the NFL channel, but what’s to hate? A bowl game that pays you 17 million big ones to throw the rock around. Right? Let’s take a walk down memory lane to the glory days before we were married to the BCS by force. Your favorite team was ranked by polls and that’s the same we have today the two major polls being the coaches poll and the associated press poll or AP poll. And at the end of each hard fought season who ever finished the season as the reigning number one was the champion of the college football world for a little season. Or so you thought until you looked at the other poll and saw that you are the number 2 team in that poll. And so you would have to both swallow your pride and split the championship or share, and honestly who really likes to share. A good example of this is the year before the BCS. Michigan wolverines and Nebraska cornhuskers both went undefeated and so they ended the top teams in the country but never got to play each other. So they split it, Michigan got the associated press national

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