Bcom 275 Week One Assignment

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BCOM 275 Week One Individual Assignment Verbal and written communication is essential at work, home, and in social situations. In the work environment, minimizing communication errors ensures that messages are correctly relayed and received to avoid costly mistakes and time delays. The use of e-mail in the workplace has become part of the normal professional communication tool with coworkers and clients. Sometimes, an innocent mistake can create confusion. An example of a message sent via e-mail that caused a misunderstanding involved me and a customer. I wrote a message to a client and did not realize I had the tab locked for capital letters. I wrote the entire letter that way, and sent the message anyway. I was new to computers and did not know that capitalized words are considered yelling. I am a two-finger typist so I was not looking at the screen as I wrote. I received a reply from the customer the following day expressing his dismay at my yelling at him for his initial e-mail requesting help with his product. I lacked understanding at why the customer thought I had yelled at him. I asked my manager about this response from the customer, and she reviewed my e-mail, explaining what I had done. She knew it was an innocent mistake and allowed me to explain myself to the customer. The manager, the client, and I resolved without involving the owner of the company, and no further harm was done. In the example, the client could have called the owner and caused me a great deal of trouble at work. The customer could have canceled his account, but he did not. E-mail was the mode if delivery for the message, I was the sender, and the client was the receiver. I learned to check the capitals tab before I type and will re-type any message to be correct and non-offensive to receivers. I was truly worried about the consequences from

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