Bcom 275 Discussion Questions

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BCOM 275 WEEK ONE-DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Loretta Lucero BCOM 275 MAY 9, 2012 GLENN AROLA BCOM 275 WEEK ONE-DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Loretta Lucero May 8, 2012 BCOM 275 WEEK ONE-DISCUSSION QUESTIONS What are some ways in which receivers of messages provide feedback when listening to or reading a message? What effect does this have on the message? Provide examples. * Some of the ways that a receiver provides feedback can be their facial expressions, their body language or the verbal response to the message given to them. The effect is has on the message determines either a favorable or negative response. For example, either if an employee was receiving a message from a supervisor, reviewing a job assignment, the sender could praise the outcome of the assignment, or if the job done were not up to company expectations, the sender would point out the shortcomings of the job performance. * What are some ways in which senders might receive feedback from their messages? How might this feedback affect the sender and the message? Why is this important? * Some of the ways the sender might receive feedback from their messages are often the same as the receiver; facial expressions, body language or verbal acknowledgment. This affects the sender and the message by either having a positive or negative effect, depending on the feedback given by the receiver on the content of the message. This important because it effects the context of the message. * * Which step in the communication process do you consider to be the most important? Why do you think this? Which of these steps is the most uncomfortable for you? Why is this? How might you work to change this? * The step in communication process that I consider the most important is the context in which the message is being communicated. I believe this because it would depend on the
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