Bcom/275 Business Communications and Critical Thinking Syllabus Essay

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Club IT, Part TwoClub IT is a local downtown music venue and nightclub owned by Ruben Keys andLisa Tejada. They have recently remodeled the interior of Club IT and it has been successfullypaying itself off. Both Ruben and Lisa have decided that their business needs to improve in theinformation department and have hired Jerry Brown to handle the information managementarea. Since arriving, getting acquainted with the staff and familiarizing himself with thebusiness, Jerry has evaluated the IT status of the business, its resources, customers and supplychain. Jerry has identified three business problems apparent at Club IT, and has suggestions asto how to resolve these issues. Jerry believes he can incorporate enterprise resource planning(ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and supply chain management (SCM)software into his solutions. Finally this paper will discuss how various departments within theclub may use these solutions. Three business problems at Club IT During the evaluation Jerry has noticed three business problems at Club IT. First, thename of the business is Club IT, yet the club is currently boasting a dialup internet connection.³Due to its limited bandwidth the dial up connection is slow in speed. It can provide amaximum speed of 56 kilobits per second. Dial up connection also limits access to certainmedia like videos. It also takes longer duration to open and download attachments and playonline games. (Bose, 2009)´ Any type of software in use needing updates will also havetremendous difficulty getting those updates, if at all.Second, the communication at Club IT is lacking in several areas. The communicationseems weakest with the suppliers and customers. Currently the club has only one phone line with which it does all of its business. This can lead to missed calls, costing of possible businessand even loss of revenue.Finally, the third and

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