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Case Memorandum To: Mr. David McIvor, General manager of the Export Canned Sales Division of British Columbia Packers Limited From: IMBA Cohort 12 Subject: B.C.Packers(Canada) Date: 2013.05.01 * Key issue in the case needed to be addressed and solved Weather the sales division of British Columbia Packers Limited should launch a canned cat food product in Canada and enter into this market quickly by utilizing their current Philippines plant excess capacity. * Case Analysis * External Environment 1. Current Market Size (in $ M) Total Consumption of Targeted Canned Cat Food Market in 1989 $325M Canned Cat Food Market by Segment 2. Competition This is a highly competitive market with varied manufactures offering over ten kinds of brands with quite wide product range to meet customer needs. Most of the manufactories who are playing in gourmet segment are also playing in national segment. To gain the shelf space and maintain the space is the key to the success of entering this market. And an American top No. three brand is planning get into Canada cat food market too. 3. Market Trend As mentioned in the case, the cat population increased 4.6% in total in Canada during period from 1983 to 1987 , which would lead to a sales increase on the cat food market, as we can see from the case that the cat food sales from 1988 to 1989 increased, following with this trend, we could expect an market increase trend in the coming years. 4. Value Chain The pet food distribution is highly relying on different retail stores and specialty pet stores and mainly through broker or distributors. A aggressive trade sales and marketing approach to encourage the brokers is common. 5. Customer The current cat food buyers have no strong brand loyalty but their cat are considered to be loyal to flavors.

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