Bbl Case Study Essay

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n the case study of BNL on pg 228, BNL found themselves in a very tricky position. It was one if done correctly could go very well for them. However it was also a situation that if done without careful thought could be disastrous for the whole program. BNL's situation was that of money, or perhaps lack there of. Their funds were being cut drastically while at around the same time of these budget cuts a huge scientific discovery took place which would make huge news. Their problem was that would need to have more money in order to further their research and perhaps elaborate on the discovery that they had made. With a huge budget cut that would not be possible. BNL needed to be able to announce their huge discovery to the public without the appearance of this…show more content…
They had ample opportunities to make announcements. they realized this by doing research on how and when they could make their big announcement. They wanted to be able to make headline news and make everyone aware of their amazing discovery without looking like there motivating factor for alerting the media was to gain political attention and therefor be saved from the budget cut. BNL turned to a New York PR agency in order for them to achieve the unveiling of their discovery without it appearing as though they had a ulterior motive. First they had to find a venue to make the big reveal at. They researched the schedules of all upcoming scientific conferences until they found the right one that was only five weeks away. It was located in Florida which meant that they had to also contact other reporters and news publications from all over the country in order for them to be notified of the conference and to attend in order to hear the big announcement. a news release as well as copies of scientific papers with photographs and links to experts were posted on their website which
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