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Chapter 4 Using an Appropriate Style Critical Thinking Questions 1. Explain how you would apply the basic principle of adaptation to your choice of words for each of the following writing tasks: a. An editorial in a company newsletter. b. A message to Joan Branch, a supervisor of an information systems department, concerning a change in determining project priorities. c. A report to the chief engineer on a technical topic in the engineer’s field. d. A message to employees explaining a change in pension benefits. e. A letter to company stockholders explaining a change in company reporting dates. 2. Evaluate this comment: “I’m not going to simplify my writing for my readers. That would be talking down to them. Plus, if they can’t understand clear English, that’s their problem.” (LO1) 3. “Some short words are hard, and some long words are easy. Thus, the suggestion to prefer short words doesn’t make sense.” Discuss. (LO1) 4. “It is important to use business clichés like cutting edge and state of the art to sound professional.” Discuss. (LO2) 5. “Because technical language typically consists of acronyms and long, hard words, it contributes to miscommunication. Thus, it should be avoided in all business communication.” Discuss. (LO2) 6. Using examples other than those in the book, identify some technical terms that would communicate effectively to others in the field but would need to be clarified for those outside the field. (LO2) 7. Define and give examples of active and passive voice. Explain when each should be used. (LO3) 8. Style experts advise against monotonous-sounding writing – that is, writing that has a droning, “blah-blah” effect when read aloud. What advice in this chapter might help you avoid a monotonous style? (LO1, LO3) 9. List synonyms (words with similar meanings) for each
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