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Unethical decisions result from an individual’s choice rather than their work environment.” Critically discuss. Unethical decisions are decisions that aren’t influenced by any moral compass as they are solely catered towards the individuals self interests. Unethical decisions certainly do result mostly from ones work environment rather than an individual’s choice. Individuals choice does have an impact on the decision making process however ultimately when an unethical decision is chosen and partaken up on it is always comes down to pressures from ones work environment. Even the most ethical oriented business or managers vision will inevitably adjust and bends due to unpleasant and stressfull circumstances. For example, one of the most ethical individuals may change how or why they do something if they are pressed for time, or if they are overwhelmed, or overly un happy. (Stealing may become borrowing because at that moment the believe they will return it.)Aspects of a managers work environment that will be discussed which can lead to unethical decisions include Economic prosperity, Technological and competitors. Economic prosperity refers to a thriving condition, especially in financial terms in which the overall business has access to a sufficient supply of resources and is generating enough income to maintain such a supply. Most Management decisions are catered towards building or maintaining large income flows in order to sustain or allow for business expansion. As a result Unethical decisions may result as unethical choices may offer certain shortcuts towards income gains that ethical choices may not provide (Awasthi Vidya 2008). For many businesses a popular way to fulfil profit maximisation is to partake upon expense minimisation schemes, as consequences many businesses choose partake on unethical activities such as outsourcing, downsizing, and

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