Bay Of Pigs And Cuban Missle Crisis Essay

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Cuba had a revolution in 1959 when Fidel Castro came into power; this lead to the country leaning towards Communism. The Communist countries, including the Soviets, had been involved in the Cold War against the United States and other allies for many years. With Cuba siding with Communism, the Soviets became very interested in that small country. The United States did not want Cuba to become a Communistic country, so they decided to create a plan to stop them. This is what led to the creation of the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Within the unwritten laws of the Cold War, the United States could not directly use their military to fight against the Soviets in events that they might find threatening. The United States decided they would use anti-Castro exiles to invade Cuba and fight for this invasion. Eisenhower was the president at the time and with the help of his administration and the CIA, they made important decisions for this plan. The planning of the invasion coincided with the United States presidential election, and once Kennedy became president, he was handed down everything. President Kennedy did not entirely agree with the idea at first; it was not until he had been convinced by Allen Dulles and had really thought about it for some time that he finally agreed to continue with the plans. During this time, Castro built up his army and his amount of weapons. The invasion took place on April 15, 1961 when B-26 bombers flew over Cuba, intending to destroy Castro’s military. The planes had been painted to look just like the Cuban’s planes, but Castro had anticipated this attack and had hidden his actual planes, setting out decoys instead. A day later, Castro openly stated that Cuba was becoming a Communist country and his relationship with the Soviet Union. After seeing this plan fail, Kennedy felt another attack would reveal the United State’s association with this

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