Baudrillard Essay

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The first reading by Baudrillard was at times hard to understand. What I got from it was that he was trying to show that people have an inner self with different beliefs and ideas, but they are not a bad thing. The both self are who they are, but one only comes out in certain situations, such as going to Disneyland or when believing in God. When going to Disneyland the inner child of any person comes out because Disney has been an integral part of almost any child in the world. It brings back memories, and puts the person in a happy place, one that in not reached everyday. The same goes for believing in God. One does not see God but follow his words, regardless of what other people think. People have different ways of worshipping and following faith, and at times they clash with the differences of others but in the end each person should be free to simulate their beliefs as they want. The Bauman reading was very interesting. I liked his comparison between solids and fluids and how they relate to modernity. As he talked about the melting of solids all I could picture was the production of steel, which was an integral part of modernity. I can see the old thoughts and ways of thinking being melted and then shaped into something stronger than can change history. For it to be productive history anything that is melted and shaped into something has to go through this process often so time won’t stop. Its like bringing new, fresh ideas every single time, opening of the mind and getting rid of ignorance that hold people back. He talks about the melting of the solids while referring to the Communist Manifesto, which makes a lot of sense since the writers wanted a similar change. Melting the solids is like revolution, as change comes from it. I also liked his references to Rockefeller and Gates, as their differences show how both made and accumulated wealth, but their

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