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The Overlook on Battle Royale Battle Royal, by Ralph Ellison is a short story about a young African American boy who takes his grandfather’s very last words to heart he uses these words as motivation and presents a speech at his graduation, so great that the superintendent invited him to read it at Battle Royal, after presenting the speech to all the leading white citizens he feels as if he has made his grandfather proud. Once entering the main ballroom where Battle Royale is taking place the young boy denotes that it’s not what he expected, and is then forced to take part in a fight. “There was nothing to do but what we were told.” The young boy and a few others were blind folded and expected to beat up on each other. After a while he was one of the last boys in the ring having to face a vicious black male “Tatlock, the biggest of the gang.” The young boy didn’t care to win the fight he was more focused on delivering his speech. Finally when the fight was over the boys were tricked into grabbing coins, bills and pieces of gold which were intentionally placed on an electric rug shocking everyone who tried grabbing them, but the boys didn’t care. Shortly after the M.C called the boys to go get dressed, it was time for the young African American boy to finally deliver his speech. The boy stood in front of the tough crowd feeling nervous and weak “There was still laughter as I faced them, my mouth dry, my eye throbbing.” As he is struggling to present his speech the young boy realizes that some of the men were still converting and laughing amongst themselves, but at the same time excluding the superintendent and a few others who showed their interest towards the speech. At the end when it was all over the young boy was surprised with an enormous applause, and was presented with a scholarship. He then felt as if he had finally reached up to his

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