Battle Of Verdun World War 1 Essay

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Battle of Verdun (War of Attrition) * Lasted from February 21, 1916 until December 18, 1916 * By 1915, the Western Front had become a stalemate as both sides engaged in trench warfare. * The German commander-in-chief General Erich von Falkenhayn considered England to be Germany’s most important enemy. That is why a target had to be found that would be so important to the French, that they would be willing to sacrifice their entire army. This army would 'bleed to death' could then easily be defeated. Geographically this had to be Verdun. Firstly, because it played an important part in the line of defense, which was built after the French. Secondly, it was the Northern gate to the Champagne plain and therefore Paris. * The…show more content…
Changing strategies, the Germans began assaults on the flanks of the city in March, focusing on the hills of Le Mort Homme and Cote 304. This accomplished, they began assaults east of the city. * Over several days of fighting the Germans initially had success, but met increasing French resistance. Some German troops were withdrawn from Verdun to meet a new threat with the opening of the Battle of the Somme on July 1. * On October 24, the French began attacking Germany lines around the city. Making heavy use of artillery, they were able to push the Germans back on the east bank of the river. By December the Germans had been nearly forced back to their original lines. * The Battle of Verdun was one of the longest and bloodiest battles of World War I. Killing more than 250 000 people and leaving over one million wounded. After the war, von Falkenhayn claimed that his intention at Verdun was not to win but rather to "bleed the French white" by forcing them to make a stand at a place from which they could not move. The Battle of Verdun is said to be a symbol of the nation's determination to defend its soil at all

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