Battle Of The Bulge: The First World War

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Battle of the Bulge Essay Germany was clearly losing the war. The Red Army was marching in on the Eastern front and the Allied Forces were decimating German occupied cities with heavy bombing on the Western front. Hitler knew that unless the Allied Forces could be stopped, the war would be over in a matter of months. He soon came up with an attack plan. Hitler sat down with Wilhelm Kertel and Alfred Jodl to give a status report on the German Army. During this meeting Hitler told Jodl to devise an attack plan that would slow down the Allied advance in Europe. Jodl was told that the attack had to be between the Aachan area and the Southern Luxembourg-France boundary, because Hitler knew there was only a single armored division and four small infantry divisions. Jodl soon returned a plan to Hitler. This plan had five possible attack routes with the final goal being Antwerp, a major port that the Allied Forces use for shipping supplies and troops. He chose to take Antwerp by going through the Ardennes Forest. Hitler decided to send his forces through the Ardennes because it was a very large forest with incredibly minimal defense. It would…show more content…
After all the changes and modifications, the plan gave an impressive troop count. They had 4 armies, 11 army corps 38 divisions (15 motorized and 23 infantry), plus 9 Volks artillery corps and 7 Volks Werfer Brigades. It was wondered by many Western Front Generals how Hitler and his plan designer Jodl were able to come up with so many divisions that they either couldn’t see or just didn’t have. This was something that Hitler had not informed his subordinates. One of the Armies that would participate, the Fifteenth Army, was already fighting in the Aachen Battle and would not be employed until the Allied Forces had reacted to the German attack. So the Generals, in the beginning, would be short nearly six divisions then what they were told that they would

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