Battle Of The Bands Essay

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Well, hello! My. Don't you all look simply smashing. YOU got taller. And YOU are growing out your bangs (looks great). YOU went away to college--study hard, enjoy eating Top Ramen. And YOU got a new tattoo of a llama superhero. Uh-huh. No judgments. Okay. Good to see everybody. Yeah. It's been a while, hasn't it? Before you buy that sympathy card and figure out whether you should place daisies or tiny animal erasers on my grave (animal erasers, FTW), you should know that I'm not technically dead. I'm not even mostly dead.* I've just been very, very busy, every time I would think, "I should blog," the convo in my head would go like this: Me: I should blog. Also Me: It's 10 pm. Do you know where your brain is? Me: No. Not a clue. Haven't seen it since it tried to figure out a surgical strike on that scene on p.282. Then it got mad and yelled, "You don't understand me!" and slammed the door on its way out. Also Me: 's what I thought. So you are operating brainless right now. Me: Pretty much. Also Me: Okay. Be honest here. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being "I could blog about whether Rainbow Brite ever gets PMS" and 10 being "I am at that point in the evening where all I can do is stare straight ahead and make up small, wavering songs in which everything has to rhyme with "pee," amusing no one in my house except for me," where would you rate yourself? Me: 11. Also Me: (taking computer) Yeah. I'm cutting you off. But I think my brain is starting to bounce back just a little. At least it's stopped telling me that a reality show about Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs would be "awesome TV."** It's been a wild ride the past month. School started for The Boy, of course, which is always a bit like being thrown into DDR if you're color blind. Getting back into the routine--never pretty, for any of us. But now we've all been worn down by the mercilessness of the

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