Battle Of Saratoga Essay

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The Battle of Saratoga A war can be a disaster, but in some cases it can bring a life changing outcome. In 1775-1783 the United States of America and the Kingdom of Great Britain began a war. This war was known as The American Revolutionary War simply known the American War of Independence. This war gradually grew into a world war between Britain on one side and the United States, France, Netherlands and Spain on the other side. During The Revolutionary War there were many battles that took place and affected the Revolution, but the major turning point in the American Revolution was The Battles of Saratoga. The Battles of Saratoga took place on September 19 and October 7, 1777. The Battles were fought south of Saratoga, New York eighteen days…show more content…
The Battle of Saratoga is really two battles that took place over three weeks. At the Battle of Saratoga Burgoyne's army was defeated by American soldiers led by General Horatio Gates. The larger American army was able to defeat the more experienced British army. The first battle known as the Battle of Freeman's Farm was a loss for the Americans and win for the British. There were some problems within the American General and Chief, but this didn’t stop the Americans to go into another battle known as the Battle of Bemis Heights. This was the biggest high light for the Americans soldiers and the people. This battle was fought carefully by the Americans since they knew the British were low on men and supplies. Americans took this as an advantage and became stronger as supplies came more there way. As the battle went on General Burgoyne knew he had to forfeit the battle when he was surrounded by the American army and lost his main commanders. This Battle also gained the Americans respect from all the other colonies. October 7, 1777 the battles victory went to the untrained, unlearned Americans. The Revolutionary War had many battles that took place, but the major turning point in the American Revolution was The Battles of Saratoga. A battle fought by the weak Americans and the Power British Army bring the Untied States of American part of Freedom
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