Battle of Petersburg Military Leaders

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ADVANCED BATTLE ANALYSIS METHODOLOGY FORMAT 1. DEFINE THE SUBJECT a. Determine the date, location, and principal antagonists. (1) When did the battle occur? First contact occurred 0700 5 July 1950. (2) Where did it take place? The above incident occurred 5 KM North of Osan Korea. (3) Who was involved? US Forces: TF Smith, 1-21 IN, LTC Charles B. Smith, Commanding; North Korean Forces: Elements of the I07th Tank Regiment of the105th Armored Division, in support of the N. K. 4th Division. b. Determine the sources. (1) What are the sources of information concerning the battle? Military History reference books, Army historical publications and biographies of key players are included in the collection. (2) What types of sources are required for a thorough, balanced account of the fight? (Biographies, operational histories, battle journals, after-action reports, war diaries, etc.) First-hand accounts, combined with outside assessment from impartial third parties are important to understand the situation. (3) What are the comprehensive bibliographies on the subject, and where are they? An extensive bibliography, concerning the sources of the compilation is included at the end of the collection. (4) Are oral history interviews possible? First-hand accounts exist and the compilation includes several. Are any available? Roy K. Appleman’s “South to the Naktong, North to the Yalu” is based on numerous first hand interviews of actual combatants and the autobiography of LTG William Dean the Commanding General of US Forces, Korea, are included c. Evaluate the sources. (1) Who wrote the books and for whom? Most of the work was by military historians, attempting to analyze the action. The intended audience are serious students of Military History. (2) Why and how were the books written? The authors wrote to
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