Battle of Normandy Essay

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The Battle of Normandy Background: The Battle of Normandy was a plan created by the Allies to launch a counterattack on the German-held France by crossing the English Chanel. They wanted to establish a hold in France and aimed to take Normandy. In preparation for the storming elaborate plans were created. The BBC appealed for Holiday pictures of France for an exhibition. Those of the Normandy beaches were then singled out so that the allies could create detailed geological maps of the area. For the rest of the information, in December 1943 the Allies used an X-Craft to gather the rest of the data for all the beaches. In the beaches of Normandy there were lots of peat bogs in which the tanks would sink and not be able to move. Where the troops wouldn’t be able to avoid the peat bogs, the tanks would use “bobbins”, which were rolls of matting deployed by special modified tanks. In order for the attack to run smoothly the Allies realized that they would need to occupy the Germans. For months leading up to the attack, the allies created a decoy operation codenamed Operation Bodyguard. Operation Bodyguard was the overall operation in which the allies created a deception operation that would persuade the Germans that the allies were attacking places other than Northern France. Operation Fortitude was one phase in the overall Bodyguard Operation. Operation Fortitude was intended to convince the Germans that the allies had greater military strength then actually existed. This made up force would be deployed to invade Norway and Pas de Calais. The Allies set up huge dummy armies with their own headquarters and equipment. The Allies even used inflatable tanks. Operation Zeppelin was another phase in Operation Bodyguard which attempted to tie down German forces in the Mediterranean Sea. The Actual Invasion began on the night of June 5 1944 where there were mass

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