Battle of Fort Mystic

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The Battle of Fort Mystic Sean Corrigan 7/1/14 The Battle of Fort Mystic, under the Pequot War 1634-1638 considered a turning point in American history. In 1637, English colonists and their Indian allies attacked and burned Fort Mystic, killing more than 500 adults and children .Masakra Pequot destroyed, and those that have not been sold as a slave, was finally forced to work was the first use documented in "total war" against the Indians, a policy that has survived through the centuries. Today, housing and lack of threat identification site Pequot War battle. In 2007, the tribe received a scholarship program for the identification and documentation of the battle of Fort Mystic Mashantucket Pequot battles Protection Americans. This was the beginning of hostilities in order to document the behavior of the grant of two additional Pequot Battlefield - Fort Saybrook seat and identification documents and investigate other Pequot fight another war. May 26, 1637, was attacked by the Pequot Puritans. The Puritans were Anglicans who emigrated to England because of the fear of religion. Another reason why the puritans migrated to America, he had to purify the faith and believe, as "God's chosen people." Thus, we must sieze Peqouts Authority land. Because the relationship soured, the war began. The Puritans Peqouts kill most brutal way. Because of the epidemic and the brutal murder of a decrease in Pequot Pequot 3000.Masakra 13000-Mystic avenged the murder of two British. just before dawn, head of the English militia, Captain John Underhill, looked at the sleepy town with grim satisfaction. Marking the first rays of the new sun in the eastern sky, he gave the order to ataku. Zabijanie begun. Seven years after the creation of ethnic cleansing in Boston, New England. This time, it was more "successful" you killing over five hundred Algonquin in a raid on his hometown. But
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