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2 December 2012 The Battle of Fallujah The Battle of Fallujah changed the way the U.S. Marine Corps trains and fights today. This was the biggest battle in urban terrain since Hue City, Vietnam in 1968. The whole fight over the city was broken down into four phases. The first phases came with the fall of Saddam Hussein in April of 2003. The second phase is the one known by many of us, when four American contractors were killed and their bodies mutilated. At the third phase, the city was turned over in the hands of the Iraqi generals. The fourth phase, fall of 2004 the Marines were again in Fallujah. The city was awaiting the Marines with hundreds of fighters from all over the world. With the murder of the four Americans contractors, it was clear that the U.S. had to react and do something, but it was not until months later. The Marines made it clear to the people of…show more content…
U.S. forces had fifty four killed and 425 wounded in the initial invasion in November. By December 23, when the operation was officially concluded, the casualty number had risen to 95 killed and 560 wounded. Estimates of insurgent casualties are complicated by lack of official figures. Most estimates places the number of insurgents killed around 1,200 to 1,500 with some estimations as high as over 2,000 killed. Fallujah once known as the City of Mosques, had 60 of it’s over 200 mosques destroyed. Many of these mosques had been used as arms caches and weapons strongpoint’s by Islamist forces. Of the roughly 50,000 buildings in Fallujah, between 7,000 and 10,000 were estimated to have been destroyed on the offensive and from half to two-thirds of the remaining buildings had notable damage. Around 6000 civilians died throughout this operation. Over a quarter of the city was destroyed, 200,000 people were displaced and had to find a new home elsewhere within

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